Aso H.
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Sessions : 51
Price: A$50 / 30 Mins

Aso is an approved Platute tutor.

His best selling subjects: Data Science and Machine Learning, Marketing, Python, Business Mentor, and Java.

About the tutor

What’s more fun than learning?!

I am a lecturer, Data Scientist, and an entrepreneur. I have been lecturing university students in the past 15 years in both B.Sc and M.Sc levels. I enjoy teaching and have found it satisfying when you help someone to learn. I believe anyone can learn any concept, it’s just the matter of how the knowledge is being transferred and taught. Let’s learn and let’s be a life long learners and create a better future 📈📊📚💻

On top of Computer Science and Data Science, I teach and mentor learners on:

- Innovation and Technology Management

- Strategic Planning

- Interview preparation

I also can help you make strategic plans for your education and journey. I have assessed more than 10,000 CVs and applicants for different roles in my teams and have interviewed over 700 applicants in the past 5 years.

I have mentored more than 20 PhD students in the past 2 years on Platute and have had over 5000 students in B.Sc and M.Sc levels in the past 15 years lecturing at universities.


- PhD in Machine Learning from UNSW

- M.Sc in Information Technology majoring e-Commerce

- B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering


Casual Academic at UNSW and CQU


Data Scientist since 2008 ( it wasn’t called data science when I started😃)

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