Shadi A.
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This is Shadi Alijani, a graduate M.Sc. student from one of the top universities in Iran, and now I am phd student in York university of Canada. I pursued my M.Sc. degree with first rank honor wirh GPA of 3.9 out of 4. I studied my high-school in talented schools, and also I obtained chemistery olympiad degree in high-school. I participitated in different international schools which Erasmus supported in Europe. In university I was the member of Organization of Exceptional Talents at UT, and also member of National Elites Foundation. I am mainly interested in tutoring in fields like mathematics, physics, chemistery. Besides I am strongly excited about tutoring in computer science related courses like programming and artificial intelligence. In my perspective, we can make real our dreams if we have a positive attitude to keep going, and never give up! All of the students can do their best if they continue their classes with concentration and enthusiasm. I hope I see you soon! Shadi


Msc of computer science from UT PhD student in Computer Science, York University.


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