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I am a graduate student of Electrical Engineering (Communication system) at Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology (K. N. T. U), Tehran, Iran(Among the top 5 universities in Iran). My last teo year GPA is 3,42/4. I have been admitted for master of computer science program at ontario tech univeristy in Canada and I will start my master in 3 months. A short summary of qualifications: 1- Improving X-ray image quality using Transformation Functions, Intensity Level Slicing, Histogram Equalization, Fourier Transform, and Spatial Filtering in Python. 2- Detection of moving objects in videos by background subtraction. 3- Implementing real-time hand gesture recognition for numbers using deep neural networks with Python and Keras. 4- Detecting handwritten digits, vehicles, and clothes by the use of the MNIST dataset and deep neural network. 5- Coursera Certificate For Neural Networks and Deep Learning Course by 6- Coursera Certificate For Python Programming by the University of Michigan. 7- ACM Branch Certificate For Artificial Intelligence Fundamental Course. Also, I have implemented some Object Detection projects using neural networks and Image processing methods. I am skilled in C++, OpenCV, Python, Keras. In addition, I have received my TOEFL results and I have scored 95.


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering


Once I was teaching mathematics and physiscs and also other time I was teaching many students English language.

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