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I've been teaching Persian (Farsi) to speakers of heritage and nonheritage backgrounds in Iran for 6 years. I have the most update resources in teaching Farsi including books recently published by Saadi Foundation in Tehran. The books includes listening, writing, speaking and reading skills. Besides, I've got books in teaching vocabularies and history of Iran. My teaching method centres around a "tailored syllabus" for each learner which consists of specifically designed tasks based on the learner's needs. Additionally, I use "Multimodality" in my teaching which encompasses numerous short films, episodes of Iranian movies and excerpts of news in order to enhance the learning effectiveness. I've presented the results of "a Multimodality" method at ANU, Australia and found learners connect more easier with movies and pictures in their learnings. Furthermore, I run classes in online and face to face format. For the online I use GoogleDoc to share the materials. Enjoy learning Farsi !


PhD Candidate of Linguistics at UNSW, Sydney, Australia; Master's of Teaching Persian to Speakers of Other Languages (TPSOL) from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran. BA in English Translation.


Persian Teacher to Non-Persian Speakers for 5 Years in Qazvin International University and Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran. Tutor of Persian to English Speakers at Sydney from 2016.

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