Meysam M.
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Sessions : 11
Price: A$28 / 30 Mins

Meysam is an approved Platute tutor.

His best selling subjects: MATLAB, C and C++, Mechatronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Arduino.

About the tutor

Here I want to talk a little bit about my fields of expertise.

I have been TA of electrical circuits1 and pyhsic of electricity and mathmatics1 in my Batchelor and I could help you in these subjects.

I am an expert in python, I used python in many fields like machine learning and computer vision. I also have worked with depth cameras using python. I think I could help you more with projects rather than theory in these last two fields.

I used matlab for solving differential equations, also used simulink in some modern control projects during my master. I can help you with matlab programing as helped many friends befor but I don't call myself an expert in matlab.

I also used to code c++ before i Learn python and was using it to solve problems of acm programing contests, I can help with c++ but not in fields such as machine learning or computer vision.


Master of mechatronic engineering, bachelor of electrical engineering


TA of mathmatics1, electrical circuits1, pyhsics of electricity.

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