Kyu-Sang K.
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Price: A$55 / 30 Mins

Kyu-Sang is an approved Platute tutor.

He can help you with Software Engineering, Latex, Git - Github, Computer Science and Engineering, & more.

About the tutor

I am currently employed as a software engineer at Canva but I loved teaching back at UNSW where I was a course admin and tutor since 2020 so I'm spending some of my spare time to keep doing that.

I have a broad skill-set but specialise in Python, C, Java, AWS (incl. CDK + Terraform Framework), PostgreSQL, Bash Shell, Git and some components of the Linux kernel. The one exception is front-end related topics which I have not spent much time on.

I can help in understanding concepts, check code, provide career tips and more.

I've also been told that I am patient, friendly and thorough in anonymous course feedback (myExperience) so all you have to do is reach out with your needs and I'll be able to confirm if I can be of assistance.


Bachelor of Engineering (Software Hons) @ UNSW (2018-2022)

COMP3311 - 100 HD (1st in course 2020 T3)

COMP6443 - 92 HD (2nd in course 2022 T2)

COMP9315 - 97 HD


Software Engineer (Infrastructure) @ Canva (2022 - Present)

Course Administrator and/or Tutor @ UNSW (2020 - Present):

- DPST1091

- COMP1521/DPST1092

- COMP2041

- COMP3311

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