Joel P.
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I recently completed my Masters in Psychology at the University of Melbourne. I have several years experience in teaching psychology at university, as well as ESL to small groups. I have received numerous honours for my teaching, including recently being awarded the Melbourne University Teaching certificate. My greatest strength is my adaptability and relaxed approach, meaning that I can shift my teaching style to cater specifically to your needs. I can answer your questions in the context of the course content, share useful resources, and help you to devise revision strategies for exams. Additionally, I can proofread your assignments, lab reports, and essays, providing both specific and general comments on your Grammar, Spelling, Flow of Logic, Narrative Structure, Expression, as well as APA formatting/referencing. This can all lead to you meeting a H1 standard.


MPhil Candidate. BSc (Hons). BA (Psych). Dip PH. Cert (MentalHlth). MAPS. MBPsS


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