Hugh W.
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Price: A$20 / 30 Mins

Hugh is an approved Platute tutor.

He can help university students with COMP1511 Programming Fundamentals, & more.

About the tutor

I am very passionate about motivating my students to realise their true potential. By developing a robust understanding of the simple cases and isolating an essential element, and embracing failure as a guide through problem solving, I believe any student can overcome their intellectual hurdles. More than anything, I want students to enjoy learning and being at University.

Plagiarism and expectations:

I ask that students send a brief outline of the issues they’d like to address in the session prior to the session.

I cannot assist students with their assignments, and the peer support sessions organised by CSE are amazing and the perfect forum for assignment help where tutors are permitted to assist students.

Available subjects:

For COMP1511, this course is focused primarily on learning the C programming language so there will be a focus on actual coding. Students will however address data structures and abstract data structures towards the end of the course.

I cannot tutor in COMP2521 under UNSW CSE POLICY.


UNSW Bachelor of Computer Science


COMP2521 UNSW Lab Assistant

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