Himanshu V.
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Himanshu is an approved Platute tutor.

He can help you with Web Development, & more.

About the tutor

Hello. My name is Himanshu Verma. I have been in Software Development for last 6 years. I have built websites like E-commerce, Social Networking, Content Management, P2P live video calling and chat messages and many more.

I want to share my experience with you guys. All the challenges I have faced till now in my journey to become a Sr. Software Engineer.

I am proficient in Web Development technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular and Node. Along with that I have worked with Databases like MySql, NoSql.

For me, teaching someone feels really good from inside. I can teach you all the stuff you need to become a really good Web Developer. I can help you in your projects or if you get stuck somewhere during building your project.

So, come and join me and let's start working together.


Bachelor Of Technologies


Software Engineer

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