Ethan B.
5.0 rating
Sessions : 30
Price: $25 / 30 Mins
About the tutor

CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS I will not be available if there are tests for a course on the same day to avoid any possible cases of academic misconduct. Student Tutor at UNSW for CSE and the Maths Drop-In Centre.


Completing Computer Science and Advanced Mathematics Bachelor’s - Currently in my honours year


21T1 - COMP2521, COMP3411, and COMP3821 Tutor 20T3 - COMP2511 and COMP2521 Tutor 20T2 - COMP2511 and COMP3121 Tutor 20T1 - COMP2521 Tutor 19T3 - COMP2511 Assistant Tutor 19T2 - COMP2521 Assistant Tutor

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