Amritesh S.
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I am a Master of IT graduate from UNSW with specializations in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and have been studying IT for 7 years now. Python programming is my strong suit, in which I have developed a machine learning project aimed at predicting the time an earthquake will occur in a laboratory test. Consequently, I am well-versed in the usage of several Python libraries for machine learning and data analysis tasks, such as scikit-learn, scipy, numpy, pandas, lightgbm, xgboost, etc. Additionally, I have software development experience through my involvement in two projects, Exam Cell Management System, that automated the functioning of my undergraduate university’s Exam Cell, and The Learning Hub, an open source data science learning platform. I have experience in Arduino Programming as well, having developed a drawing bot (using MATLAB) and a Rubik’s cube solving bot (using Python’s image processing libraries and C++).


University of New South Wales - Master of IT (Data Science, AI), 2018-2020 Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad - B.Tech. (IT) and M.Tech. (Robotics) dual degree, 2013-2018


Software Developer, MyCTO (Sep 2020-present) Teaching Assistant, IIIT Allahabad (Jul 2017-Jun 2018) Software Developer, Exam Cell, IIIT Allahabad (Jan 2016-Jul 2016)

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