Abhishek K.
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Price: A$39 / 30 Mins

Abhishek is an approved Platute tutor.

He can help you with Statistics, Probability, Geometry, Mathematics Methods, Calculus, Algebra, & more.

About the tutor

Does your kid struggle with a failing grade in Math despite being a smart cookie?

It may just be that they don't know how to approach a problem with the right mindset. It could just be that they're unable to break down the problem quickly and solve the individual parts. It may be that they're unable to properly break down the exam into different sections; and solve the easier sections first. For some students, exam planning skills may be the difference.

I believe that for difficult subjects it is the job of the tutor to break the problem down into bite size steps for the student to grasp. This may not always happen at college and requires a good private tutor. As your tutor, I would assist in explaining concepts you may have difficulty understanding or simply improve your ability, knowledge or motivation for whatever topic is needed. I really enjoy tutoring and have tutored students in Math subjects of all levels the last few years.

I am patient, and I spend a lot of time trying to identify the learning gaps that you are facing. The learning gaps help me understand why you/your kid may be struggling with a certain concept. Through use of multiple sample problems of increasing difficulty, I can help fix the learning gap and get you up to speed in the topic.

I also help students plan for exams through practical tips for time allocation and exam previews. A lot of times students can perform poorly even if they know the topics due to poor planning.


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