How It Works

Control the way you learn

With Platute, you are in charge of your schedule which means you can get the help you want, when you need it. All of our tutors are filtered by our quality control team for your assurance. Choose your next tutor by checking their profile which includes education, work experience and the subjects they mastered.

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Easy, fast and secure!

In-app chat and payments guarantee a safe, convenient and enjoyable experience for everyone. Platute takes care of the hard work, making every session easy and stress free!

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Give your opinion on your experience

After each session our community of students and tutors are required to give feedback on their experience to continuously improve the quality of our user experience.

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Location-based Booking

Instant and on-demand location-based booking

Smart Search

Smart search and recommendation engine to improve service quality

Flexible Working

Just go online and start receiving requests

Quality Control

Quality control (review and rating system)

Automatic Payment

Automatic payment system

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