The Competent Tutor Checklist

The Competent Tutor Checklist

When you take someone else’s learning journey into your own hands, you want to be certain that you are doing a great job.

When you take someone else’s learning journey into your own hands, you want to be certain that you are doing a great job. The three most important elements that make a commendable Platute Tutor are confidence, clarity and consistency. 


As a tutor, the students are trusting you to impart knowledge to them to make their time and spend worthwhile. Keep your students engaged by staying positive, remaining patient and showing them you have the knowledge to help them learn. Tutoring results in the best outcomes when the students are motivated by the desire to learn, rather than by ticking a box or getting a good mark. Harness this mentality, and inspire your students with confidence to achieve their personal best. Remember, you have been hired as a tutor because you are qualified to help others, so be confident and take control in a session in order to deliver positive outcomes. 


Students get the help of tutor when they feel they are struggling with a subject, therefore a tutor's fundamental role is to make them feel more confident in their ability then when they walked into the session. The best tutors have the knack to explain complex ideas in simple, easy to understand ways. Your register should be filled with straight forward words and you should avoid being convoluted or overly sophisticated. It is a gentle balance between teaching complex concepts and doing so in a clear, precise and simple way. If a tutor feels they are struggling with the clarity of their teaching, they should use examples, visual prompts and body language to explain to their tutee the information. 


In order to keep the students learning consistent, it is best to have regular tutoring sessions at similar times and in the same location, be this face-to-face or online. This will see the development of memory triggers for your student as they will subconsciously marry your teaching with the content of the course. Preparation for each tutoring session also plays a factor in being a consistent and thus successful tutor. By having a plan of what you wish to teach, or how to answer questions, tutors are able to deliver favourable outcomes to their students. Similarly, tutors should keep a log of each session taken with a student, so you are able to pick up where you left off the next time. This will further ensure that the content of each session forms into a holistic understanding of the course, connecting initial learnings with later understandings. 

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There is no such thing as a perfect tutor, however by striving to be confident, clear and consistent - you can be a competent tutor. Learn more about how to be a great teacher today! 

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