How to get Organised for a Stress-Free Semester

How to get Organised for a Stress-Free Semester

There will always be a variety of commitments competing for your attention. That' whys it's vital to figure out a schedule that works for you.

Staying organised is the best way to avoid stress and anxiety, especially as your schedule gets progressively hard-pressed. While scheduling may seem like another addition to your to-do list, it benefits you to maintain a clear mental state by focusing on individual tasks instead of being overwhelmed. Just making a plan to get them done can save you from study anxiety.


Although everyone has a different approach to assignments, it’s ok to go through a trial-and-error process when organising your schedule. Establish a system that ensures future deadlines and major events in your life are not missed. Here is a compilation of tips and tricks on how to build an efficient calendar to stay organised through your busiest days.


Maintain One Calendar

As confusing and crowded as it may get, make sure you have a single reference point for your schedule. While it may seem easier to note your academic deadlines down on a University Semester Planner, with a separate social calendar separately, this could very easily lead to confusion.

Maintaining one schedule lets you see everything you’ve committed to deliver while also making sure you give equal priority to both your professional and personal commitments. Whether your calendar is tangible or electronic, colour coding is an effective method to differentiate your activities from each other.

My Study Life is an online calendar specifically designed for students to plan their schedules and daily activities ahead of time. It keeps track of lectures, classes, assignments, as well as other responsibilities off-campus.


Prioritise, Prioritise, Priorities

Make sure to prioritise time for your friends and family when you can to maintain social relationships, especially when your schedule becomes too hectic for regular meet-ups. The support and care you get from your close personal relationships benefit your overall well being.


Additionally, leaving enough time for a good night’s sleep helps you in the long-term to avoid exhaustion and keep you healthy and productive. Sleeping supports healthy brain function, as learning and motor skills react better when you are well-rested. While this may be an inconvenient, even impossible task, making a practice of it will help you stick to a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.


Platute is a free app that you can easily book tutoring sessions to fit your schedule. It helps busy students by providing the flexibility you need to balance productive study and a social life, giving you full control of your learning. 


Make Your Own Deadlines


Take note of assignment deadlines but also set goals along the way. For example; make a deadline for when you want to finish researching, another for when you start writing the assignment, and another for revision. Continue this until complete your work before the due date. Meeting these consecutive goals along the way will help you keep track of your commitments and avoid last-minute panic.


Remember The Milk lets you break each task down into subtasks and keep track of your busy schedule.


Cross Things Out

One way to stay motivated is to cross-out items or mark days off in your schedule. The results of many studies and experiments support this notion first introduced by Bluma Zeigarnik and consequently named the Zeigarnik effect - “crossing off items on a to-do list frees up our brain to focus on other things”. This action is particularly satisfying if your calendar is tangible. Still, even using electronic planners, you’ll feel more productive crossing items off a list and reviewing how much you have accomplished.


Momentum accompanies your schedule with a photograph and inspirational quote every day to notify you of daily tasks every time you open a new tab. You can keep focused on assignments and studies while cutting down on procrastination.


Ask For Help

If you’re struggling to keep up with your studies, then be sure to ask for help. Needing help is not a sign of poor organisation but an indicator that you want to get the most out of your education.


Platute, lets you reserve a study session with a professional mentor wherever you are and at any time of the day.  Coordinate a group session with friends on the app to maintain your social life while keeping on top of studies. 

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